Amalgamated Smike
Amalgamated Smike Corporation of Eudapimp, ID

Corporate History

In 1995, The Incredible Smike and Zuba G.S. Mudgett transformed Little Smikey's Taco Hut into a major presence on the web through the leveraged buyout of Rock Springs Liquor And Curios, one of Wyoming's most prized takeover targets. By consolidating assets and resources, they were able to bring the newly-formed Amalgamated Smike to its 1995 Initial Public Offering with a market capitalization in excess of $1.64.

Amalgamated Smike expanded into the emerging e-business market when they hired a then-unknown web developer named DB to charter a path onto the Internet. The original website was a marvel to behold. The blinking tag that read, "Hello, World!" beckoned visitors to inquire about Amalgamated Smike's product line, although no actual data or contacts existed for many years. Now, over eight years later, has actual content. DB, however, is still unknown.

In 1995, Amalgamated Smike purchased the holdings of the Wine O' The Week Club. The club's President, Fred 'Fuzzy' Botulism, was retained as Managing Director. After three grueling hours in his new position, Fred opted to excersize his stock options in Amalgamated Smike and used the proceeds to procure a bottle of vintage Boone's Farm strawberry wine. Fred is currently retired and resides on Market Street in San Francisco.

1996 was a banner year for the R&D department when Amalgamated Smike acquired the intellectual assets of The Roving Astrophysics Society in a poker game. Although the acquisition has not added to the bottom-line, nor have any of the hypotheses been tested, the Roving Astro Division makes us all feel really, really clever. And it gives us the perfect opportunity to add pretty space pictures to the annual report.