Amalgamated Smike
Amalgamated Smike Corporation of Eudapimp, ID

The Incredible Smike
Founder, Chairdog

Socialite, raconteur and dog-about-town, Smike is the world's foremost web dog. Whether enjoying a Sunday drive, or engaged in a pick-up game of Lacrosse, Smike graces all with inimitable style and charm. When only a pup, Smike mastered the skills required to operate car windows and open locked gates. It became apparent that this prodigy was on the fast-track for a stellar career. A passion for the Lacrosse fields has emphasized fitness in body and mind and afforded Smike the disposition to pursue philanthropic and philcaninic endeavors. Current work includes glow-in-the-dark Lacrosse balls for night play, opening the refrigerator and grand unification theory.

Smike driving to work.

Recompiling the Linux 2.4 kernel on a development system.